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SURVIVOR-LEADER & ADVOCATE I am reaching out to all to bring awareness to the silent epidemic that is taking our girls. I'm Shannon Martinez, I am a survivor of  Domestic Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, and Trauma. I wish to use my unique ethnographic perspective to help the media, medical professionals, law enforcement, policymakers, and other applicable agencies. After a my successful recovery, I became a speaker and advocate in addition to supporting numerous victims through their exit from being prostituted, and creating programs to train organizations, educators, and law enforcement agencies in the topics of general awareness, recovery, and demand reduction techniques, as well as rescue and recovery through my charity, Shame Eaters. I enjoy spending time with my family and knitting. I am currently writing a book about my trauma and exploitation. I am available for consultations and speaking engagements worldwide. Thank You for your time, ShannonMartinez Survivor-Leader, Speaker and Consultant Shannon@shameeaters.org 571-351-9001

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