We tread where the devil fears to go.

What is a shame eater?

Our Origin Story...

 What is Shame Eaters?

We are a small group of recovered exploitation victims and supporters, who provide unique awareness and support to sexual exploitation and human trafficking victims when they wish to exit the industry. Through outreach and intervention, we educate the public, build supportive relationships with women still out there, as well as helping those who want to exit.

Take Grace, for example.  I first met her when I was on the streets, myself, even “mentoring” her in the world of sex trade.  I met her again outside a Target, her blonde hair greasy and her body looking small and frail in booty shorts and a tank top.  At first, she didn’t recognize me because shame overwhelmed her desire to make eye contact with me.  But I know all about that shame – I was drowning in it until Jesus swallowed it all. 

She stood there weeping like a child as she said she wanted out. More importantly, she wanted God, but her shame was just too much. I told her to give it to him, He will understand. "No, He won't! How could He possibly understand this? No one can understand what this feels like!" I felt a tingle in my heart and mind, and suddenly I blurted out "Then give it to me baby girl and go to Him! I got this!" She knew  I had been there and survived. I could handle anything she could throw at me. And it all just spilled out of her, Her body expanded then shrunk, as if she could get any smaller.

We baptized her with a bottle of water from Target. I again became her mentor. I walked and climbed with her. I'd like to say being saved makes it suddenly easy and the path is clear, but there are many obstacles to overcome. Integration into the ordinary world takes time. The damage done by our exploitation lies within our very core.  It takes years to repair, but it is happening to me and it can happen with Grace. 

After physically getting off the streets in 2014, the path to restoration requires a safe place, food, respite, clothing, transportation, legal help, counseling, health care, and eventually relocation, job training, and Christian mentoring.  This is the most crucial time to secure their full release, spiritually, emotionally, and materially.

We have 8 volunteers, who have invested hundreds of hours on the streets and in the public speaking on the topic, 32 of people rescued so far in 2018, etc.  This fight *is* dangerous… I have been threatened… I have been assaulted (thus the wheelchair)… and I have lost colleagues to violence from those who are exploiting these women. It is dangerous, yes, but it is worth laying down my life to see Jesus Christ redeem these girls’ lives because Jesus laid down His life for mine.

I’m not asking you to lay down your life for this cause, but can you lay down $5, $20, $100 to help give a new life to someone who has the courage to hope and reach out for it?  Partner with me in what God is doing to renew and restore hope in these girls’ lives.